Solve a key challenge or test a new idea while learning Design Thinking!

Need to test a new idea, product, or service?

Have a business challenge you need to solve?


Join our Business Innovation Labs in March 2020

5 mornings. 5 businesses. 5 challenges or ideas.

2 Design-Thinking facilitators


You’ll leave with new skills, new tools, new connections

and ready to implement tested ideas and solutions.

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What are the Business Innovation Labs?

Bring a key challenge you need to solve or a new product or service you need to test.

Our facilitators will guide your team through Design Thinking, a user-focused method for problem-solving.

Your team will learn to:

  • find the right problem, and its root cause
  • truly understand what your customers or users want
  • use better brainstorming methods for better ideas
  • apply methods for low-risk testing that will save you time & money

You will leave with both – new skills & tools and a solution that’s ready to test and implement.





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How do others use this thing called “Design Thinking”?

Manufacturer minimizes the risk for product development. Owner uses empathy to increase morale in the workplace Converting online traffic to increased sales after discovering an unexpected determining factor


Is this really for me?

Business Innovation Labs are for you if:

  • You are part of a small or medium sized business
  • you are looking to take your business to the next level
  • you want to make decisions informed by what your customers or employees really want
  • you want to bring cutting-edge processes & excellence into your team
  • You can bring a team of 4-7 people from your business (staff, owners, advisors, partners, etc.)


more questions about design thinking or the labs? ready to bring your challenge to the lab?


What you’ll leave with:

  • A solution to your challenge that you have started to test (prototype)
  • The ability to apply Design Thinking to solve problems and innovate with your business in the future.
  • New connections with other businesses and entrepreneurs. 
  • Ongoing support from the AEC team.


When & Where?

  • Hantsport Churchill House, March 23rd-27th, 2020
  • Daily, 9AM – 2PM
  • We understand that your business has to keep running – that’s why we are keeping your afternoons and early mornings free to take care of key operations. We ask that you fully commit to the times indicated, knowing that you are investing this time to take your business to the next level and save time & money later on.


Value & Cost:

  • $350.00 early bird until Feb 19th, $399.00 flat rate per team. Thanks to support from ACOA, we are able to offer these labs this year at strongly a subsidized rate.



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“I found the design thinking challenge to be extremely useful. I did not realize that empathy was such an effective tool for defining a problem and developing possible solutions.” – Matthew Reid, Design Thinking workshop: Doctors & Digby. “Thank you Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre for hosting a Design Thinking workshop with Enactus Acadia. Through the design thinking process, our team was able to pinpoint our areas of weakness concerning member engagement and brainstorm solutions with empathy in mind.” –Samantha Stegen, Enactus president. “The instructors were very friendly and interactive in the tasks. They provided great knowledge and experience and I also get to take some of that home with me. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend this session and I look forward to participating in the future.” – Jake Selig, Design Thinking workshop: Doctors & Digby.


Contact our facilitators:  

Anne Stieger Tom Dalmazzi Leanne Strathdee
Entrepreneurship Facilitator & Business Counsellor Community Entrepreneurship Facilitator Innovation and Incubation Manager
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