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Noreca Consulting Inc. (‘Noreca’) specializes in developing custom web applications and software products for data information management and technology. At Noreca we believe that software should be reliable, versatile and, above all, intuitive. We create innovative software solutions to optimize client’s data management and ultimately grow their business.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to working closely with you to thoroughly understand your needs and foster a relationship that continues throughout the lifetime of the partnership. Our office is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia (Canada). Please use the contact form if you wish to get in touch with us or just drop by for a chat. We’d love to hear from you.

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Frostbyte Interactive delivers innovative IT solutions for a variety of projects. From capacity building and community engagement for high-tech ecological monitoring initiatives in Arctic Canada, to modernizing agri/aqua-culture in rural Nova Scotia, to streamlining post-secondary student services through Web-Apps and databases, our organizing principle lies in targeted sociocultural-appropriate strategies. We understand that technology adaptation differs in context, so we offer a nuanced approach. With an end-to-end delivery model, our services include: assessment, research and development, procurement, technical and/or media-rich reporting, and training initiatives, pairing individuals and businesses with technology to best mobilize resources.


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Precision Hawk

Precision Hawk is a commercial drone and data company, with a focus on precision agriculture. Founded in 2010, Precision Hawk provides exceptional remote sensing applications and data processing services in diverse markets.


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Colibri Software was created in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in 2010 to fulfill the growing need for innovative software in rural communities. We work on projects that accelerate the growth of rural communities and economies through the use of our powerful and user friendly software.

We are comprised of seven Nova Scotia university graduates and John Read, who is the owner and founder. John founded the company in order to open up the space of complex and cutting edge technology to people in rural communities. The company prides itself on repeatedly using only the most powerful, open source, and user friendly technology in its projects. The company is named after the hummingbird, as many of the world’s languages called the bird Colibri. The name enhances the core value of Colibri Software, which is the idea of creating extremely powerful software, while remaining agile at our core.

We build our products on powerful and open source platforms and combine that base with light and crisp user interfaces to ensure maximum usability. Colibri Software aims to produce incredibly user friendly applications that help to expand communities. We believe that educating people on the tools available to them is beneficial to themselves and their communities, therefore we aim to create products for people while at the same time, and help the customer become fluent in the software. We care deeply about helping to grow rural communities not only with technology, but also in the economic realm and believe that education is the key to this.

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Singolar gives companies access to advanced intelligence to enable smarter strategies, operating practices and business transformation. With SmartCX, realize the rewards of authentic omni-channel customer experience with increased customer loyalty, customer lifetime value and brand advocacy across all customer interaction channels.

Singolar is pushing the boundaries of Machine Intelligence with its integration of Big Data and Machine Learning technology.

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Innovacorp is here to help. We get invested in Nova Scotia’s entrepreneurs.
As an entrepreneur, you understand risk. So do we. We’re willing to take risks, and make early-stage investments in your venture. As your partner, we’ll play a key role in transforming your business into something extraordinary.

We’ve got the experience and the assets to help you succeed in the global marketplace. Our proven venture capital model is built around response time and veteran guidance: with us, you get the best advice, when you need it.

Discover more about how Innovacorp can be a partner in your venture. Together, we can change the face of business in Nova Scotia.

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The Atlantic Wine Institute is a multi-institutional initiative, involving Acadia University, the Nova Scotia Community College, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Saint Mary’s University, Holland College, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick , the Winery Association of Nova Scotia, and the Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia.

The mission of the Institute is to support the Atlantic wine industry from grape growth through wine production, and in the functional areas of business. The day-to-day work of the Institute will be to consult with both industry and academics to identify opportunities, suggest and direct research, leverage research support, facilitate collaboration among partner institutions, industry, organizations, and individual businesses. As well, it will coordinate and disseminate information and outreach activities to ensure communication among all regional stakeholders.
The Institute’s activities will benefit the region’s wine industry, which is unique due to geography, terroir, climate, and business size.

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The Acadia Tidal Energy Institute (ATEI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating research, education, and outreach to ensure responsible and sustainable development of the tidal energy industry.

The work of the Institute will be driven by new and existing internal and external, cross-disciplinary clusters of experts in:

  • energy resource modeling;
  • marine ecology;
  • sustainable environments and communities;
  • oceanography

Multidisciplinary research projects and other collaborative initiatives address knowledge gaps associated with the emerging tidal energy industry. Collaboration of faculty and students with government, industry, non-governmental organizations, communities and other academic institutions will enhance capacity building and understanding of the available tidal energy resources, environmental effects of tidal energy development, and the socio-economic opportunities, particularly in local rural communities.

“Rural Canada feeds our nation literally, economically, and environmentally. It provides the food, fibre, minerals, water and other bio-resources and natural resources on which our country depends and the arteries of transportation by which they are delivered. Digital technologies and data analytics have the power to shape how we work with these resources and their impact on our local communities and our planet.”

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The mission of the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (AIDA) is to advance knowledge in data analytics through collaborative and interdisciplinary research, education and outreach and to foster the ethical application and commercialization of data analytic solutions to challenges facing industry, government and society in rural Canada. The institution will initially focus on agriculture, food production, the environment and green energy.

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